Ada Ren is a web and graphic designer at MIT Office of Digital Learning, part of the Strategic Education Initiatives; a gesture researcher at MIT RLE Speech Communications Group, and a STEM education researcher at TERC, part of STEMLiMS and SLI. The mashup between data visualization and coherent graphic design is my jam.

When I’m not running around the Boston area, I’m usually at home leveling up and expanding my hobbies. The underlying theme across them has been “replacing consumer products with the skills to make them.” Making my own consumable products means less waste and a smaller carbon footprint. I make most of my bath, body, and cosmetic products from shower gel to sunscreen to lipstick. With sewing, I take into consideration the form and function that matches my daily activities, such as using moisture-wicking fabric for a going-out-dancing dress. I’ve also taken up bookbinding to document my processes and challenges, using paper and pens that suit my style.