Gesture Research

You can find my web & graphic design portfolio here: Also check out my creations here:

What I do in Gesture Research


Investigating multimodal alignment amongst gesture, prosody, and discourse in collaboration with Dr. Stefanie Shattuck-Hufnagel, Speech Communication Group, RLE, MIT. Building a modular gesture labeling system to fit multiple gesture research needs with potential to expand into automated labeling. This requires teasing apart the kinematic dimensions from the meaning of gestures in coding schemas. One of our goals is to identify these dimensions and make sure they are mutually exclusive. A second goal is to add quantitative measures to qualitative attributes of speech-accompanying gestures. Overall, we are interested in the multimodal alignment across speech, prosody, and discourse.

Exploratory Gesture Visualizations

I design and code exploratory visualizations using HTML, CSS, Perl, Processing (see, hand illustration, graphic design, and video manipulation. Check them out on the Exploratory Visualizations page.

Coding Manual

If you are interested in coding gestures by mutually exclusive dimensions, here’s our coding manual.


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