About the Project

STEM Literacy through Infographics, or SLI, is one of the education projects I work on as a research assistant. It recruits teachers to engage their students in data journalism and data literacy through creating infographics. Their progress and understanding is measured by survey assessments, peer review, and changes made in their different infographic versions. I am focused on the data side of this project, and in addition to writing and designing tutorials and classroom resources, I’ve also redesigned their website.

My Role

All the content on the site existed as post-style content in a WordPress site. It was very difficult to navigate and often teachers and students did not use it, despite the useful content. One of the first things I did was to create engaging colorful graphics that would appeal to high schoolers, directing them into different blocks that follows their chronological needs in infographic-making.

I reorganized the classroom and visual resources into a tabular form that is easier to browse and download quickly.