on the twenty seccond of Auggust fourteen eighty five Henry Tudor Earl of Richmond defeated king richard the third at the battle of bosworth field on the third of Septtem ber (bray) the new king now known as Henry the sevventh entered London from Shoreditch where he was greeted by trumpetters poems in his honnor and all the city fathers who brought a gift of a thousand marks now a cynic would say that this is just another example of London betting on the winner such expressions of loyalty were not to be depended on but I would point out that Londonners had not embraced evry seemming winner durring the wars of the roses They closed the gates to Henry the sixth's queen after millitarry victry in fourteen sixty one and they'd givven halfheartted acclamation of Richard the third's usurpation of the two little (litl) princes in fourteen eighty three If Londonners were cyn nical fair weather fans they were also pretty presscient as we saw in the case of william the conqueror and throughout the middle ages in the end they usually picked the winner they certainly got this one right Henry the seventh's effective rule which lasted from fourteeneighty five to fifteen oh nine put an end to the dynasticchaos known as the wars of the roses between those who supportted the house of lancaster for the throne and those who supportted the house of york it also began the verry successful rule of the Tudors so that civic dellegation of third september fourteen eighty five was on to something they started a love affair with the house of Tudorthat would last with occassionnal tiffs nearly until the death of Henry the sevventh's granddaughter Elizabeth the first in sixteen oh three