The NSF Video Showcase is a yearly display of short 3-minute videos of innovative work aimed to improve science, math, engineering, and computer science education. Participants and viewers engage in online discussion and vote for

My Role

As part of the STEM Literacy through Makerspaces project that I’m working on, I created the 2016 video using an online tool called Moovly. The team worked together to create a script and each person recorded themselves reading a part of it. I assembled photos we have of different STEM literacy representations, created new illustrations for images we need but do not have, and assembled the relevant text in step with the audio script. Check out the 2016 video here:

For the 2017 video, I took charge of the entire process, with feedback from the rest of the team who were busy with other tasks. This time I used iMovie to create the video. For the animations, I made the designs and transitions using MS Powerpoint and recorded it with QuickTime screen recording. The embedded interview video is also one that I had recorded in 2016. The other videos were made by students using GoPro cameras. Check out the video here: