About the Project

CCMIT was created for the Massachusetts Community Colleges and Workforce Development Transformation Agenda (MCCWDTA). It is designed for vocational community college students in advanced manufacturing to prepare them for the work environment. The case studies focus on problem-solving skills and observation skills, both crucial in preventing major mistakes and communicating problems and solutions.

SEI worked with Education Development Center (EDC) to design a case study for problem-solving and for observation skills. The case studies focus on the limitations of our observation skills, how to communicate issues before they become larger problems, and ways to manage distractions in the workplace. Included in the case studies is an element called Idea Logs which ask student questions about the video or text presented on the page. It keeps students engaged and is an easy way to help instructors assess their students’ understanding.

My Role

I attended conversations where current instructors in the field discussed what their students need to succeed in the manufacturing workplace. I implemented the website’s look and feel, created illustrations, and put together a choose-your-own adventure activity that asks students what they would do in solving a manufacturing problem at every step. I also helped write and edit the text. The CCMIT website can be linked to a school’s Learning Management System (LMS) such that students do not need to log in and can save their progress. When they finish the case study, they automatically receive a PDF, via online and email, of their submitted Idea Logs to bring to class for discussion.